Take a break! Lifes too short for this ole “Army brat”!

Have you ever pondered when your time will come? Life is impartial; it can be harsh for anyone, regardless of wealth. We’re clueless about our tenure on this earth. So, why not make the most of it? That’s my current mantra.

Reflecting on the past, we may regret missed opportunities and lament over the errors of our youth. I am thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed my past, present, and future transgressions.

At 61, my spirit feels 30, yet my body seems 70. The vigor to pursue past pleasures has faded. I recall the days when bars were my playground, but memories of inebriated patrons remind me why sobriety is my chosen path now.

Maybe I’ll join other seniors downtown, seeking new knowledge and solace from solitude. With age, visits have dwindled; my family’s presence is a rarity, despite my efforts to connect on holidays and birthdays, leaving me feeling forgotten at times.

Before my mother’s passing, she and I were content, or so I believed. After enduring a quadruple bypass, she returned home only to suffer a fall and a broken ankle, leading to a cycle of hospital and nursing home stays. The care she received was subpar, a neglectful oversight of her recent surgery. Legal action crossed my mind, but no lawsuit could bring her back. She had just celebrated her 82nd birthday upon her final discharge.

This Army Brat (Military Brat) is signing off! Bye, Bye and God Bless!


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