Oh back in the days! My momma and Avon calling!

As you all know, if you read my first blog, I am an army brat. While living in Fort Knox, Ky, back in 1974-77, I was about 11 or 12 yrs. old, my mother sold “Avon”. Boy, she was a great saleswoman. I learned a lot watching my mother sale Avon. Of course, I was her little helper. I would get to go ride my bike to deliver and pick up the Avon orders. Customers that were a block or less, I would just walk. I even collected the money for mom. I would put the money in my little money bag and hurry the money back to mom. I was still doing that when I was in Walker Jr. High School. I used to take my money bag to school with me and put it in my locker.  I will never forget the day I lost that bag of money. I can’t remember what exactly what was in the bag but knowing me I had probably had the money for Avon orders for some teachers. Anyway, I lost that bag, left it lay on top my locker or something. I know it had well over $100 in it. “Oh no, how was I going to tell my mother?” I was scared to have to go tell my mother, I lost that bag. Oh well, mom seem like it was no big deal, she just wrote it off. I agreed to help her clean a set of quarters and the problem was solved.  I learned responsibilities really quick in my early life.

Cleaning Quarters. That was a job. Mom and Dad would get hired to clean an officer of the Army’s house when they got orders to move and were moving out of their quarters. There was real good money in it, my ma and pa would clean 2 or 3 sets a week.  It usually took two to three days to clean a set. They were white gloved inspected so believe me they weren’t easy. Dad would clean the stove and oven, mom would clean all the vents, windows, including screens, and everything else, such as the closets, walls, ceilings, doors and floors. Wood floors had to be stripped and waxed, then buffed to a perfect shine. If the quarters failed, the Army personal could not leave on his orders and he would get wrote up. Sometimes people would try and do them their selves, but their inspection would fail, instantly. Mom was well known for her work, so she would get a call and go give them an estimate of what it is going to cost them. Depending on the size of the apartment or quarters and the cleanliness of the place, is what mom would base her price on.



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