ZORVEM Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Hunting Apparel for Kids/Youth/Teen(S/M/L/XL/XXL)


1. Package Includes: Each Ghillie suit includes adjustable trousers, jacket, hood and a matching wrap for your weapon. The entire suit is shipped in a mesh carrying bag with drawstring closure.
2. Five SIZES: Kids (for kids 4’0″ to 5’0″), Teen (5’1″-5’6″), Regular (5’6″-6’0″) and Extra-Large (6’0″ and over). See size chart image for more details.
3. 7 Color Camouflage Design: Our Ghillie suit for young and kids is made with 7 color blend of threads, provide a subtle variation in color and perceived depth of field that make the suits nearly imperceptible in woodland and forest environments.

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